Our Mission

Sewing Seeds is passionately committed to empowering underprivileged persons through training, mentoring, encouraging, and supporting by offering sewing training programs, micro-credit lending, and children's programs at home and abroad to promote transformation in the lives of individuals and communities. Sewing Seeds is presently working in Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Peru, Mexico, and Haiti.  Last year we launched our pilot Beginner's Sewing Training program at the Calgary Sewing Centre. And this year, we have just implemented our first Teacher's Training program at the CSC. 


Sewing Seeds is committed to excellence and holds students to high standards of quality and professionalism. Students are encouraged to do their very best and to be all that they can be. 

Sewing Seeds is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility, in ourselves and the programs we offer, as well as in mentoring our students to be efficient and effective. 

Sierra Leone

Sewing Seeds began its first project in Sierra Leone, Africa in 2002. We sent a team of eight trainers to the war-torn country and provided sewing machines, materials and a beginner’s sewing training program to 30 war-widows. We followed up with an advanced sewing training program for these women in June of that same year.

To date 150 women are trained. Our most accomplished student, N’Mamah, has her own sewin she employs fourteen people and helps to train others who have gone through our 

programs. N’mamah dreams of opening a sewing training school one day soon. Others have 

opened their own shops in their local markets or out of their homes. Many are doing repairs and 

sewing school uniforms. All are sewing clothing for their families and themselves. Twenty five 

women are in our micro-credit loan program and continue to bring forward business plans for 

their future hopes and dreams.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 8.01.17 PM.png
Abibatu was one of our top students and has been a supervisor for us when we have taught beginner courses, plus she has the contract for all of the uniforms for a local school. She has a second sewing machine and has trained someone to help her because the contract has grown and she is unable to produce them all herself. She has many ideas and continues to amaze us with all that she does!
— Tammy Bartel


Two sewing centers have been built, one in Lviv and one in Novovolynshk. These are managed

by locals and are training students on an ongoing basis. We have partnered with a local church 

in supporting and constructing an orphanage facility. This orphanage project is in memory 

of Elli-Rose Bartel, a 15 year old girl who had a heart for the children in Ukraine. Childrens 

programs have been offered along side of our sewing training and have included 100 + children 

in each. A project has begun with a new sewing training center in Sarney with hopes of offering 

an advanced sewing training program in 2015.


Sewing training programs have been offered in Manchay and Puerto Supe. Over 80

women have been trained and several are in our micro-credit program.


Mexico is our newest addition.

Sewing Seeds International, Volcanes (Puerto Vallarta) MX

Since the Inauguration in December, students have been busy practicing all the skills they were taught in the two weeks of Beginner classes. Students presented the Teachers with all their projects and accomplishments for well earned grades! These past three months of practice have brought the students to a level that demands more complicated Intermediate projects. Slowly, the teachings will become a new ‘skill’ that can be utilized in many directions. Sewing Seeds will return to teach Advanced skills in the Sept / Oct 2015 time period. This will also include lessons in pattern making, cutting, and costing.
Sewing Seeds is very proud of the Volcanes student’s accomplishments, but recognizes the efforts of Arthur Fumerton, of the Volcanes Community Education Program (VCEP), the organization in Puerto Vallarta. Their dedication to seeing ladies of col Volcanes & area, learn a useable Skill and Trade, is very impressive! Already VCEP is getting calls from local Hotels and restaurants looking to employ trained Seamstresses. Local Designers are inquiring about small ‘Contract Sewing’ projects, to stock up before next high season. Shop Owners need décor items sewn for their Customers. The potential for these trained Students is certainly endless and inspiring. VCEP along with Vallarta City Hall, Rotary Club, Sister City, and Amigos are discussing funds to build a small factory to employ the Graduated students. Eventually, this factory may be able to entertain production for: local clothing designers, boutique shops, repair contracts, school & professional uniforms, upholstery, etc. The Sewing School will continue to ensure a good supply of Trained Professional Seamstresses are available for the needs of the Factory. 



Calgary Sewing Centre

The Calgary Sewing Centre is Sewing Seeds newest project.  The centre in Calgary has been set up as a place to prepare and facilitate all of the pre-cut projects that are being taught in countries all over the world.  The Calgary Centre is home base for its international work, as well as anticipates teaching sewing programs at home.  The vision of the centre includes:

  • Keep inventory levels on all raw and bundled goods

  • Prepare Projects for upcoming Classes

  • Cut and Bundle ‘kits’ for Sewing Projects

  • Prepare and Run ‘Local’ events

  • Set Up and Maintain Volunteer Database & Communication

  • Teaching Trainers the sewing curriculum for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced sewing programs.

  • Create ‘Support Programs’ for Teachers such as Online lessons and Manuals and workbooks